August 31, 2012

Birthday Idea's for Brooke!

I'm doing a cupcake theme for my daughters birthday and I keep seeing such great ideas. Thought this would be a wonderful time to share what I have seen and say Thanks to the people that have helped make planning my little girls birthday seem easy. This is going to be Fun.

I think I wanna print this out on a poster board and have it hanging on the wall. If not this I will find something. Maybe printable color sheets with cupcakes, candy and Hello Kitty.
Two Idea's for cupcake's. I'm using pink's, blue's, green's, and purple's.
 I'm 100% sure using Dum Dums for her party she Loves them!! 
 Cake Batter Flavored Popcorn yet another thing Brooke Loves. Cake Batter Blondie's. Its all about her and I wanna see her smile big.
  This Fabric TuTu is what I wanna make for Brooke to wear with a solid color shirt and cute bow. Hope maybe this makes the list of things she first remembered. These are the colors I wanna use for her party

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