September 4, 2011

Texas Chili Spaghetti

Texas Chili Spaghetti is a twist on a tradition, Cincinnati Chili Spaghetti. This is a meal that has been around for a very long time. It's a signature dish in many places in Ohio. Cincinnati Chili Spaghetti(3-Way Spaghetti) is normally spaghetti covered with chili and topped with a mound of shredded cheddar cheese. Cincinnati Chili has no beans in it so when they are added it's called 4-Way Spaghetti. Then if you top that with onions or Sour Cream it's called 5-Way Spaghetti.
So now that you have a little history on Cincinnati Chili Spaghetti I'll give you then reason I have named my Chili Spaghetti.. Texas Chili Spaghetti. I have changed the recipe and added a bit more so it's full of Texas flavors and traditions. We love things hot in Texas and we love beans in our chili so my recipe calls for both beans and heat. Hope that you enjoy this new tradition. We love it!

Dani's Chili (Southern Cowgirl Chili)
1 lb of ground beef
1 lb of Jimmy dean breakfast ground sausage
1 can of red kidney beans(drained)
1 can of Bushs Grillin beans Texas Ranchero Flavor pinto beans
1 can of ranch style beans
1 reg. can of diced tomatoes
1 reg. can of rotel
1 packet of McCormick Mild Chili seasoning
1 small onion and bell pepper diced
Salt and Pepper to taste

Crumble beef into a large, nonstick skillet and cook over medium-high heat. Add diced onion; cook, mixing with a large spoon to break up meat, until beef is browned. Drain; Add can of diced tomatoes and green chilies cook for about five min's then add both cans of beans, cans of tomato sauce, chili seasoning, beef broth and brown sugar. Bring to a medium boil, reduce heat and simmer slowly, covered, 1 hour. Stir occasionally and add more broth as necessary to make consistency of a meat sauce.

When the chili is complete spoon over Spaghetti(any type that you pick). You could top with cheese. My family likes to use Parmesan and cheddar. This recipe is for about eight to ten servings of chili so if you have left overs use it for more then one meal in the same week or freeze it and have it for later.