October 9, 2013

Diet Dr.Pepper Cake

This is probably going to be my most meaningful post ever. My daughter Brooke asked me if she could make a cake. I wanted to do something fun and so I remembered how great a cake was that I use to eat a lot when I was doing weight watchers. It was fun because you get to play a little with the cake mix as you make it. So Brooke and I made a Diet Dr.Pepper Cake. I know people always talk about how a coke is more important but trust me when I say the flavor is still there. I also came across a sugar free mix they have now and so it made this cake even better.  I hope y'all enjoy my pictures. Brooke had fun and was happy so for me that's just life's greatest gift!

 This is what I used for the cake. Simple and so Yummy!
Brooke shifting the cake mix to get the lumps out before we add the Dr.Pepper.
Make a small hole in center of cake mix before adding the dr.pepper.
 This helps add height to the cake. let it fully bubble then mix together.
Here is Brooke and I mixing the cake mix.
This is what it should look like once its completely stirred.
Brooke said taste good.. She wanted to eat before we cooked it!
Pour in to a 13x9 pan spread evenly. Cook as directed on box.(forgot the cook picture)
 This is what you need for pudding topping(frosting)
Put milk in bowl and add the pudding mix stir together till combined.
Put 12 holes in the cake before spreading the pudding. 
Spread the pudding on tip and down sides.
This is what it will look like. Cover and chill for 45-30mins.
Then enjoy the very yummy Dr.Pepper Cake

Diet Dr. Pepper Cake

What Ya'll Need:
1 box Sugar Free Devils Food Cake
16 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper
1 package Sugar free Chocolate Pudding
2 Cups of 2% Milk
cooking spray(for pan)

What to Do:
Put cake mix in a bowl stir all the lumps out. Then make a small hole in middle of bowl pour diet Dr. Pepper in slow so that the bubbles stay then stir cake mix and soda till combined well. Spray 9x13 pan with cooking spray pour mixture into pan. Preheat oven according to box directions. Cook 4 minutes less then what it says on box. Remove and let cool. Poke 12 holes in the cake. Then make pudding accordingly to the directions on box. Pour on top of cake and spread evenly. Cover and chill for 45 minutes to an hour. This is a cold treat and is to be keep in fridge.

**Cooking Note- You can combine different flavors of soda to cake mix  to try another flavor and puddings to top them off. My next once is going to be a vanilla cake with a white chocolate flavor pudding on top.

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