About Me

I'm Dani and Welcome! 

I'm a southern girl born and raised in Texas. I love to laugh, make jokes and being with my friends and family is important to me. I started Dani's Recipe Creations; so that there was a place, I could share all of my adventurous cooking creations. It now has turned in to something that just makes me happy so until it no longer does I will continue cooking and posting. I am still learning how FOOD BLOGGING works, so pardon the changing layouts. There is a lot of advice people have shared on how to blog and I am trying to get my page to a place where all I have to do is write and post. 

My Family
Brian is the love of my life. I'm lucky enough to call him my husband & Best Friend! 
 I'm so thankful for all that Brian does for his family. He's an amazing man.
My daughter's Brooke Erin (8), Harper Jean (2), Reagan Lynn (1), are simply amazing and so full of life. They make my heart get the feels everyday. I'm thankful God gave me the job of being their Mom. 

Now other things I love are cooking, scrap booking, having dinner parties, being with family & friends, décor and art. I live my life to the fullest and enjoy all Gods’ gifts he has given me! I will be sharing more than just recipes. I do many crafts so I will be posting those ideas as well. I like to share what other people have done also. The way I see it is the more outlets in life you have the more opportunity's you will get. Therefore, if you ever want to share please let me know. I will be an outlet for anyone who asks. Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions.

 I will do my best to get back with you. 
Email-- dsjackel@yahoo.com or dsdavis312@gmail.com 
Also join me at my Facebook page: Dani's Recipe Creations

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back!

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