May 25, 2013

My Hero, My Brother

True bravery is shown by performing without witness what one might be capable of doing before all the world.The word bravery can often be interchanged with the words of courage, or daring, but what defines courage? The Merriam-Webster dictionary states: "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty". In other words, bravery means the defense of many things at one's own personal loss, or risk.  When the word courage is said, the image that is often seen is one that is at war. This is very true; it is very heroic to defend one's country and the freedom of that country.
Stephen Wayne Jackel Jr. 

 My brother Stephen did just that he was in the Army and served his Country and has since became a Wounded Warrior. Sometimes it's hard to understand why a soldier has to endure pain while serving to protect his or her country. But, you just have to realize a hero can be made in one act of compassion  My brother made a sacrifice, so our country could be free. I will be forever grateful and proud of him for all that he did and that he continues to do. I'm proud of my brother and I wrote this poem for him.
My Hero, My Brother
My Hero is someone I looked up to,
Who others could love to be.
My  Hero is someone, who is very courageous,
loving and brave,
My Hero has Loyalty to his friends and family
and strength beyond most.
My Hero and I have a special bond 
Who's stories are untold.
My Hero has made me laugh, made me cry
and even helped me hide some lies.
My Hero has protected me and you from the world.
My Hero has bruises in his heart and his body
all the tears and scrapes, I wish I could erase.  
My Hero A Brave and Noble Soldier he will always be. 
My Hero is my Brother, a Father, a Husband, a Son and Friend.
My Hero I pray for you that light be in your life always.
My Hero I love you and will forever Honor You!

I wrote this poem for my brother because there are things that are hard to just put in to words and say out loud sometime and I guess you never realize, how much you love someone, Until they're  put in a situation which changes them forever. I wanted my brother to know that no matter where he is or what's going on in our lives I think of him daily and he is never gone and nor will I ever forget the biggest sacrifice one could give and that was his Life to fight in a War in which he lived to see another day but only with a different out look on life. I thank God for keeping this strong man in my life. I love you Stephen and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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