June 9, 2013

Mason Jar Wishes

I loved planning my wedding. I wanted the old time feel to it. So I did lots of looking around and idea after idea came up. I had some original ideas and some from traditional wedding styles. I wanted to share some of the things I did in my wedding because it might be an idea for others. Heck, I got 90% of my idea's because of other people's blogs at the time I didn't even know about Pinterest. Which I was married in March 2012. I'm late to the Pinning game. I'd of loved to have done some of the things I've seen on Pinterest. So this is why I am sharing from my wedding.

Here is one of my favorite Idea's. I used Mason Jar cut outs for people to sign or leave a small comment to us on instead of a guest book. I wanted to be able to have something neat that I could put in a Scrapbook or display somehow. This is what I call Mason Jar Wishes.

The thing I like about this is that it could be used for more then just a wedding it could be for almost and kind of party as a way to remember who was there. I ended up putting these in a photo album with all the pictures from my wedding and I like how it looks next to pictures of people from my wedding. It was a great way to remember this special day for me.

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