July 11, 2013

One Pot Chili Mac

I love to be messy and making things from scratch but, sometimes we just don't have time. So here is a recipe that my husband Brian came up with.. kind of! We were in a hurry to make something for dinner. We had been looking and naming things, nothing sounded good then he had the bright idea to mix the can of Wolf Brand Chili we had with a package of noodles. Glad he did because it was yummy! I know this isn't a master crafted dinner recipe but, it is a time saver that's warm and tasty.

Chili Mac
What Ya'll Need:
1 Can of Wolf Brand Chili ( with/without beans)
1 pound of pasta, I used elbow
1 cup of Cheese
What to Do:
Cook noodles as directed, drain. Then add the can of Chili stir till mixed. Top with cheese and Enjoy!
Cooking Tip: I drained the noodles and then added the chili to pot so it would get warm then stirred in the noodles. Hint to the name One Pot Chili Mac!

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