September 11, 2013

Black Beans & Salsa

This is a simple and very easy recipe for black beans. I have been eating a lot of them in the past few weeks. I'm on a diet! I wanted to share the way that I like to cook. They can be added to a meal or eaten as a side dish. They taste so good. I hope y'all enjoy.

 Place the rinsed beans in a saucepan and add the salsa cook 15mins and done!
Black Beans & Salsa
What Ya'll Need:
1/2 cup Salsa(I used Pace its what I love)
1 can Black beans(I used HEB brand)
What to Do:
Rinse the Beans and add to a small saucepan. Add the salsa and stir. Cooked Covered for 15-20mins and Eat!

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